Monday, May 7, 2018

tango flashmob, radio, podcast

Three tango related "records" from Hungary: the most viewed tango flashmob; the most listened to online tango radio; and the most downloaded tango podcast.

Tango flashmob:

The most viewed tango flashmob on YouTube with over 1 million views: the 2013 flash mob in Westend City Center, Budapest.


Tango radio:

The most listened to online tango radio, with ~1/2 million listeners during April 2018 (also counting listeners of the backup server who are not included in the stats above; popularity rankings of three major online radio stream aggregators added): Argentine Tango Radio, Budapest.


Tango podcast:

The most viewed tango podcast of the internet archive: "Danceable Tangos of the Year", with ~75,000 downloads in addition of it being streamed on Argentine Tango Radio, Budapest.


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