Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Argentine Tango Radio: 2017 in numbers

During 2017, the second full calendar year of, we reached more than three million tango lovers, triple of our audience for 2016. The podcast version of "Danceable Tangos of the Year", our weakly programming on the radio, became the most listened content related to argentine tango on the internet archive, adding close to 60,000 listenings to its airing on the radio. I say this is nice!

The growth of the radio throughout the year has been uneven, though; in the last months the upwards trend turned around, most likely due to technical problems that caused occasional cuts in the stream. I apologize to all listeners for the inconveniences; I try to do my best to firefight the technical issues (many thanks for everyone who notifies me in email when they occur!). To put it simply my servers can not support more listeners without showing symptoms of overload; I have migrated to different servers in October to better tackle these problems, but unfortunately I can't afford to upscale the bandwidth (even accounting for some yet-to-be-fulfilled income from advertisement the financial balance of the radio project is still very much in the red). There is also a looming change in how copyright issues can be properly handled which may force me to reevaluate a few things in how/where the radio can stream content. We do plan to keep on going, though!

Happy new year and happy listening!


  1. Nagyon csodálatos, hogy a rádiókerten keresztül hallgathatunk egy magyar rádióállomáson, amely csak a tangót játssza. Gratulálok Argentínából.