Sunday, September 10, 2017

Argentine Tango Radio stats, 2017 July

I haven't posted stats for for a while now, here they are for July 2017: listenership for summer months stabilized around 300,000 listeners (roughly 10,000 listeners per day). Also, by around the end of July, the radio served its 3 millionth listener in its year-and-a-half existence.

In addition the program Danceable Tangos of the Year have been accessed over 50,000 times. I hear there are some weekly practicas where they put in the episodes one-by-one as practice music!

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank our six patrons for their regular support of the radio: thanks Endre Szeghalmi, Róbert Rózsa Fekete, Tűz család, Terry Bauch, Markus Frees, and Edward Johnson for your monthly donations! 1-2 USD/month may not be much but it adds up and I certainly appreciate it greatly!

If you are considering becoming a patron yourself, here is the link:


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