Sunday, July 9, 2017

Milonga dressing clue for women of certain height and odor

I don't know how to politely raise attention about this so I'm putting it out in the wild. Ladies, when you are of a certain height compared with mine, in our embrace your left armpit is resting on my right arm. If you are unlucky to sweat there with strong odors and you are wearing a sleeveless dress, after our tanda my garment's right upper sleeve is going to mightily stink. The direct inconvenience is one thing; what's worse, it also prevents me from dancing with others afterwards -- I like to leave good impressions, I expect many of my partners to be also bothered by strong odors, and my right arm would be crucially placed close to their noses, especially if they are shorter. Since I can't bring that many changes of clothes this means that after a few repeated experiences I will be strongly compelled to avoid dancing with you when you are wearing a sleeveless dress, or at best try to queue us up either for your very first tanda or for my very last.

Some sweat and smell is unavoidable, I'm not talking in absolutes here. But some of you, ladies, are just unlucky with body odors, and may want to reconsider wearing sleeveless dresses despite their prettiness and convenience, provided you want to sit less. I know that this alone has prevented me from dancing with some of you for years now, and my heart sinks when I think of how consciousness of this issue could have changed that all.

Brought to you by the Man-Telling-Women-How-to-Dress Department of Minor First World Problems.

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  1. Maybe you can wear dark shirt, but wash it in Tide with Febreeze before hand.