Monday, April 17, 2017

Tango dissection for a musicality class

I was recently asked to teach a "musicality class" where I talked about the structure of different tangos, focusing on the placement of the vocal sections, the dominant violin sections, and their relationship to "softer dancing".

In preparation I spent a fair bit of time dissecting the six tangos I used in the class as illustrations. To allow everyone to keep his/her own pace I now uploaded some parts of the handout I gave out, together with the linked audio segments. It is a work in progress and surely contains mistakes (note: I have no formal musical training!), but for your amusement you can check it out here:

The tangos are: Canaro-Maida: Cara sucia (1937); D'Arienzo-Echagüe: Pensalo bien (1938); D'Arienzo-Echagüe: No mientas (1938); Rodríguez-Moreno: Cómo se pianta la vida (1940); Di Sarli-Podestá: Nada (1944); Troilo-Marino: Cotorrita de la suerte (1945).