Monday, January 23, 2017

A year-long tango listening project

A year-long tango listening project: "Danceable Tangos of the Year" has 52 episodes, so you can get a fairly good sense of Argentine tango music between 1927 and 2016 by spending one hour per week listening to the series. It took me a year to complete all episodes. The series originally aired on in 2016 as a weekly special programming aiming to showcase examples of danceable Argentine tangos, valses and milongas. Thus "Danceable Tangos of the Year" is a year-long project in multiple senses of the word.

Since "Danceable Tangos of the Year" have already concluded I created a stable url for it here:
Share the link if you liked the series!

Note: minor changes I made in the description of the episodes may cause some type of podcast feeds to reload, to reorder the episodes and/or to display incorrect date for airing; apologies if this causes any inconvenience.

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