Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ep. 46 (1951-1952) of Danceable Tangos of the Year

Episode 46 covers the years 1951-1952. The 1952 version of Osvaldo Pugliese's "La Yumba" starts the episode (I shall add there is some uncertainty regarding whether this version is a new recording or "is the result of laboratory manipulations" of the original 1946 version, as Nicolas Lefcovich claims). We continue with tangos from Domingo Federico, Juan D'Arienzo with Alberto Echagüe and with Roberto Lemos, Rodolfo Biagi, Osvaldo Pugliese with Alberto Morán, Donato Racciatti with Nina Miranda, as well as with a vals of Francisco Rotundo with Enrique Campos and Floreal Ruiz and a milonga of Juan D'Arienzo.

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