Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ep. 43 (1946) of Danceable Tangos of the Year

Episode 43 covers the year 1943. The episode starts with "Pobre flor" (alternative title: Primera ilusión) from Alfredo De Angelis with the singers Carlos Dante and Julio Martel. We continue with tangos from Carlos Di Sarli, Enrique Rodrigues with Armando Moreno, Rodolfo Biagi with Alberto Amor, Juan D'Arienzo with Alberto Echagüe, Osmar Maderna, Miguel Caló with Raúl Iriarte and Roberto Arrieta, Osvaldo Pugliese with Roberto Chanel and with Alberto Morán, Aníbal Troilo with Alberto Marino, Alfredo De Angelis with Julio Martel and with Carlos Dante, a D'Arienzo milonga, and an Alberto Castillo vals. The episode concludes with the first recording of Astor Piazzolla's own orchestra, "El recodo", as an example of one of his early, danceable recordings.

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