Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ep. 28 (1941 p5) of Danceable Tangos of the Year

Episode 28 is Part 5/5 covering the year 1941. This year's final episode starts with "Pocas palabras" from Ricardo Tanturi with the singer Alberto Castillo. Carlos Di Sarli follows with Carlos Acuña and Roberto Rufino before we turn back to Tanturi, this time to his valses. We add few more tangos from Aníbal Troilo, as well as examples of Golden Age milongas from the orchestras of Carlos Di Sarli, Rodolfo Biagi, Pedro Laurenz, and Troilo. We finish the episode with two tangos from the unfairly neglected Francisco Canaro: "En esta tarde gris" with Francisco Amor, and Reliquias porteñas, a selection of tangos that to be played on special occasions only.

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