Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ep. 09 (1937 p1) of Danceable Tangos of the Year

Episode 09 is Part 1/3 covering the year 1937. We start with "Invierno", one of the most popular Canaro-Maida songs from the second half of the year (I find the shocking similarity of the melodic theme of "Invierno" to the then-popular 1936 Hungarian tango that serves as the main signal of this episode series quite ironic, especially in the light that Francisco Canaro was the main advocate of musical copyright protection in Argentina at the time and played a pivotal role in founding SADAIC in 1936). Besides Canaro we display instrumental valses and milongas from Juan D'Arienzo and Edgardo Donato, and a handful of more lyrical pieces from Osvaldo Fresedo with Roberto Ray. We close the episode with a rare gem from Enrique Santos Disc├ępolo, featuring the singer Tania.

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