Sunday, February 14, 2016

The philosophy of Argentine Tango Radio

To dance well you need to know the music. We enrich tango dancing experiences by making the best of danceable Argentine tango music easily and legally accessible for everyone. This is the philosophy of Argentine Tango Radio in a nutshell.

Why should you listen to Argentine Tango Radio and recommend it to others? Because...

  • Argentine tango music is great!
  • Our musical selection focuses on danceability; listening makes you a better dancer both as a leader and as a follower.
  • We provide special musical programmings, such as Danceable Tangos of the Year.
  • You can keep track of the orchestras and titles that are being played, making it easier to search for and purchase your favorites.
  • Even if you can’t to afford to buy music, you don’t need to pirate it: our stream is legally licensed.
  • We are free. We are easy to reach. We are available 7/24.

Spread the word! Happy listening!

Balazs Gyenis, Budapest, Hungary.

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