Thursday, February 4, 2016

Danceable Tangos of the Year podcasts

Past episodes of Danceable Tangos of the Year are now available as a podcast, so in case you missed the Monday/Wednesday programming on Argentine Tango Radio you can still catch up with the show. Check out the permanent website:

Further ways to access the show as a podcast:





"Danceable Tangos of the Year" is a special programming of Argentine Tango Radio, Budapest: . This 52 episode, weekly series aims to showcase examples of danceable Argentine tangos, valses and milongas, progressing from 1927 up until last year.


  1. Hello !
    Up to episode 30 I could copy a tracklist from Atom/RSS: why not further on? It was very good searching special tangos.
    Please start again a track list. THANKS

  2. Hi Anonymous!

    Unfortunately the tracklist screwed up how the feed appeared in most of the podcast readers (itunes, tunein, etc) so I decided to remove it. I might post all lists in one single post in the end of the year when the series is concluded.

  3. I've just discovered this, it's wonderful - many thanks for the series!

  4. Love these podcasts! Is a tracklist available? I'm using Shazam at the moment! What is the name of the music playing while the podacasts are being introduced? It's haunting me. Thank you.