Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tango DJ quiz

Once I had a weird dream about a tango marathon that was only attended by tango DJs. The following day I played around with the idea of a quiz which could be used to filter applicants for this marathon.

I had two criteria for questions on the quiz:

(1) The questions can be quickly answered by any tango DJ worth his/her salt without the need for consulting his/her musical collection. The questions may require some knowledge about major orchestras and orchestra leaders, but it should not aim at complete obscurities.
(2) The questions can not be quickly answered by others who do not have comparable familiarity with tango music and/or the requirements a DJ needs to be aware of. In particular one should not be able to answer them after a simple Google search.


Here is my first attempt: for all of the following ten multiple choices the question is: Which option fits the least with the others?

(a) Ernesto Famá
(b) Roberto Rufino
(c) Alberto Podestá
(d) Jorge Durán

(a) Carlos Di Sarli
(b) Adolfo Carabelli
(c) Florindo Sassone
(d) Héctor Varela

(a) Rodolfo Biagi
(b) Adolfo Carabelli
(c) Alberto Echagüe
(d) Osvaldo Ramos

(a) Si soy así
(b) Poema
(c) Invierno
(d) El Adiós

(a) Carlos Di Sarli
(b) Aníbal Troilo
(c) Pedro Laurenz
(d) Pedro Maffia

(a) Horacio Lagos
(b) Lita Morales
(c) Romeo Gavioli
(d) Mercedes Carne

(a) Orquesta de Lomuto
(b) Orquesta de Canaro
(c) Quinteto Pirincho
(d) Quinteto Don Pancho

(a) La cicatriz
(b) Milonga sentimental
(c) Cuando llora la milonga
(d) Campo afuera

(a) El Rey del Compás
(b) El Maestro del Melodía
(c) El Señor del Tango
(d) Pichuco

(a) Desde el alma
(b) Pobre flor
(c) Ilusión azul
(d) Soñar y nada más


Later I'll post my "solutions" in the comment section. I'm sure we can come up with better questions; if you have any suggestion or idea feel free to post it in the comments!

P.S.: This is intended as a game! Please don't take it too seriously.


  1. When will you post the answer?

  2. Hm, maybe when the number of readers of this post becomes more than a handful and/or after a number of people make their guesses?