Saturday, May 16, 2015

A few years passed..

It's been a few years since I updated this bandoneon blog, so this is a very brief update on how things are moving forward.

As I mentioned back in 2011 I started to take private lessons with Tamás Radnai. He is an amazing and very patient teacher who I can recommend to everyone. I owe a lot to the classes I took with him (not only for the bandoneon, but also for improving my understanding of musical theory). I also relied on several books, some of which I kindly received through Maxi Gluzman.

I wish I had sticked to my original plan of detailing my progress in this blog, including the material we made use of. I also produced some learning material on my own to help my progress, for instance a colored bandoneon fingering chart with which I had an easier time to learn to find the buttons than with the great black-and-white chart of Ben Bogart, from which it is derived. Enjoy!

I can now play a couple of tangos on the bandoneon in solo mode, but I still consider myself to be a complete beginner. I'm also quite shy to appear in public; the last time I did this was during a tango flash mob where I played La Cumparsita in a duo with our other great bandoneonist, Eszter Vörös (and with Eszter Kárász pepping it up with the lute). Here is a video of it:

Unfortunately my enthusiasm faltered roughly after a half a year of practicing. Our government passed a law forbidding playing music in public spaces without a permit, and I neither felt comfortable with constantly annoying my neighbors and family nor wanted to risk my bandoneon being confiscated when I'm practicing in the park. Life also got in the way: I had a phd to write. I also started to take tango DJing more seriously, about which I also plan to post from now on.

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  1. I enjoyed the flash mob video Balazs! Was also rather surprised that one cannot play music in public spaces - does this law still hold? I love walking through cities and hearing some of the music that folks play - as a matter of fact I was just waiting for a plane at La Guardia in NYC last night and a young man was just sitting at a bar and every now and then would strum his guitar...