Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking care

There are couple of videos on youtube showing how to take care of the bandoneon, just run a search on "bandoneon maintenance".

My To Do list:
- Cleaning off the dust the years left on the bellows.
- Carefully cleaning the leather on the main valve.
- Fixing the crack on the mounting board.
- Applying oil on the reeds and on other metal components to prevent corrosion.
- Couple of notes sound weird; I need to figure out the mechanical cause and how to fix it. I'm going to upload some sound files in a separate post.

Questions I have (any comments would be appreciated!):
- Can I use a wet sponge to clean the leather on the main valve or would that carry too much risk damaging it?
- After reading reviews I bought a can of wood glue to fill the crack. (Another option would have been to use wood filling, but a friend of mine who has experience with woodworking said that for such a small crack he would probably still use wood glue.) Can I go ahead to apply it? My main concern is how changes in humidity would affect the mounting board if I filled the crack with this type of glue. I don't want to have other cracks as consequence.
- Can I just simply apply the oil I use for my bike chain, or is there a special type of oil which is recommended specifically for the reeds?  
- Is there an ideal level of humidity for storing the bandoneon? I know that a too low humidity environment damages the wood components and a too high humidity environment damages the metal components. What is the ideal balance?

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