Monday, May 2, 2011

Newly built bandoneons

Another option could be to buy a newly built bandoneon. I found comments on the new designs here. For me the price was prohibitive - my PhD scholarship is good, but not that good -, and I also found it suspicious that these producers don't make a wide variety of sound samples available; for me that suggests that the sound quality is probably not matching that of the old AAs and ELAs. But I don't have any first hand experience, they might be truly awesome.

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  1. Prices of new instruments make one despair... but searching an old instrument does so, too...

    I finally decided to get new instrument:
    (exactly like on the pic)

    and feed on rice the rest of the year... since you are considering the quality of these instruments: The quality/sound is great (much better than ELA with aluminium - which i had leased before). Its a real pleasure. (Its a small manufacture in the Village of the former AA fabrication).