Monday, May 2, 2011

Learning - the first step

I was quite busy with the end of the semester, but I already play the four scales (both sides opening and closing) comfortably - that is, when I need to play only one of them with one hand. I plan to work myself through the fingering practices of Madrigal's Método para Bandoneón which came with the bandoneon. This means I made a progress of one page in three weeks by practicing roughly one hours per day. Oops.

Questions I have:
- How much emphasis should I put in the beginning to be able to play with both hands at the same time?
- How much should I care in the beginning to switching quickly between playing the opening and the closing notes?

I hear that the bandoneon is out of tune, but that's no surprise given that it spent some 12 years on a shelf unused. But I truly enjoy the sounds, especially the deep ones, I just like to make loud noises on it by pushing random keys. I feel like playing in a kindergarden again. I suppose my neighbors are not as much entertained as I'm.

A couple of advices I try to follow: here and here.

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