Monday, May 2, 2011

Hello world

This blog is dedicated to the bandoneon, more precisely to my attempt at learning to play it. The community of bandoneon players seems really small, and since there is no-one in my current area who could show me the techne, I will mostly need to teach myself. I hope that this blog will become a useful resource for future beginners in helping them to avoid some of the pitfalls I'm certainly going to fall into. Any feedback from those in the know would be appreciated!

About me: I dance tango for a couple of years now; my style is described as tango milonguero. I mostly enjoy tango from the Golden Age, my current favorite is Edgardo Donato. I do not have any formal background in musical theory, although I did some readings on my own, and as I have a quite analytical approach to learning, I'm certainly going to pick up some more on the way. I also never played any instrument seriously. So I'm a true beginner in all respects.

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